Our Staff

Barbara S. Evenson

Barb has been a paralegal in the civil litigation area for over 27 years.  She has B.A. degrees in both Psychology and Spanish from the University of Colorado, and her post- graduate work was completed at the Institute of Paralegal Training in Philadelphia, PA.  She has assisted litigators prepare for and conduct countless civil trials. She has significant experience in assisting with discovery and witness preparation. She has also served as a law firm IT manager for 15 years.


Kayla F. Johnson

Kayla graduated from the University of North Dakota with a B.A. degree in Indian Studies as well as Biology/Pre-Med. Since graduation, she has held professional managerial and paralegal positions. As a paralegal, she has assisted attorneys in every aspect of the litigation process from discovery to trial. 



Brenda Vitek

Brenda has been assisting litigation attorneys for 26 years as both a secretary and legal assistant. She is skilled in the areas of pleadings preparation, correspondence, witness communications, calendar control and keeping abreast of changes in procedural rules related to litigation practice.

After practicing law a combined total of 39 years, Jerry W. Evenson and Paul R. Sanderson formed – Evenson Sanderson, PC.